Who we are

Kuatro Group consists of Kuatro Group Consulting and Kuatro Group Innovation.

At Kuatro Group Consulting, we are specialized within the areas originating from the founders’ years of experience in the food and life-science industry. The areas are Quality & Compliance, Project Management, Portfolio Management, Operation Excellence and Management Consulting.

At Kuatro Group Innovation, we are specialized in using computer vision for quality control and surveillance.

We develop our own cutting-edge technology products to elevate current practices and are also offering consultancy services within the field.

The team

Our consultants have a solid theoretical background. However, as the best results come by blending theory with hands-on experience, our consultants also provide leading industry production knowledge.
The kuatro consultants also emphasize communicating and interacting with our customers to fully understand their needs and pain points in projects and day-to-day operational tasks. Time is the scarcest resource, why it is important to us that we impact both the business and the people around us, whether it is our colleagues or clients.

Nicolai Scherling Mersebak

M.Sc. Biomedical Engineer

Emilie Søndergaard Sachse

M.Sc. Biochemistry
Engineer / Project Manager

Lars Juul Jensen

M.Sc. Industrial Eng. and Management
CEO & Managing Partner

Maria Hastrup Christensen

Cand. Scient Biology

Shanne Hansen

B.Sc. Production
Junior Engineer

Peter Rasmus Ertner

Marine Engineer

Kasper Rich Madsen

M.Sc. Life Science Engineering
Sr. consultant

Mille Petersen

B.Sc. construction engineer
Sr. Project manager

Troels Godballe

M.Sc. Biomedicine
Sr. Consultant

Darius Adam Rohani

Ph.d., M.Sc. Biomedical engineering
AI / Machine learning expert & partner

Barnabas Homola

M.Sc. Human-Centered AI
AI developer & designer

Maria Helbo Laub-Ekgreen

ph.d. Food technology
Consultant / research scientist

Lisa Folmann

M.SC. Life Science engineering

Ian ostrowski

Sr. Consultant

Claus Hald Jensen

Electrical Engineer
Sr. consultant
sandor foldi

SÁndor Földi

M.Sc. student Math. modelling and compu.

Anna Sofie Tøndering

M.Sc. Biology

Daniel Lundt Mersebak

B.Sc. Computer Science
Partner | Head of IT | SAFe specialist

Victor Bechmann

Cand. Pharm
AI Validation Specialist,

Sebastian Guerrero

BSc in Power Electrical Engineering
Project Manager

Julia Zlotkowska

MSc student | Design, and Innovation
Data Visualization Student Assistant

Oliver Wennervaldt Larsen

M.Sc. in Business Adm. and Innovation in Health Care
Project Manager

Kristian Holbæk

BSc International Business
Executive Assistant Student Assistant

Kamil Kojs

MSc student Data Science
MLOps Student Assistant

Oliver Skelberg

Cand. Polit student
Executive Assistant Student Assistant

Oliver Behrens

MSc Autonomous systems
Machine Learning Expert

Jabin Rafiq

Cand. Scient in Biology
Sr. Consultant

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More info

Reach out if you want to hear more about our consultancy services or our own developed products within the universe of applied artificial intelligence.

The story

Kuatro Group emerged when four co-founders with years of consultancy experience within the life-science and food industry got together with three data scientists experienced in computer vision and machine learning. They identified areas within life-science and food that were lacking significantly behind the current technological possibilities within vision and automation.

The vision is to create an innovative environment where we combine our teams knowledge from the shopfloor processes with the newest technological possibilities within vision and automation.

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We service the largest Life Science companies on many different levels on a daily basis. The key aspects and the common feature of our consultants are our high professional level we possess.


We service the largest Life Science companies on many different levels on a daily basis. The key aspects and the common feature of our consultants are our high professional level we possess.

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