Welcome to Kuatro Group Consulting, where we provide specialized consultants with hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our services encompass operation & quality support, project management, management consulting, digital production, and AI consulting.

Ai consulting

Kuatro Group AI Consulting offers a comprehensive range of services to help organizations unlock the full potential of AI and achieve remarkable results.

Kuatro Group AI Consulting combines technical expertise with industry knowledge to deliver transformative AI solutions. The consultants possess in-depth understanding and hands-on experience in AI, enabling them to navigate complex challenges.

digital production

Kuatro Group Digital Production specializes in IT and OT project management, providing comprehensive solutions to optimize business operations through strategic technology implementation. With certified project managers, scrum masters and product owners experienced in GMP and line management, our consultancy services drive success in:

project management

Kuatro Group Project Management offers consultancy services provided by certified project managers and scrum masters with extensive hands-on experience in large Capex projects.

At Kuatro Group Project Management, our certified project managers and scrum masters possess extensive hands-on experience in GMP.

Management Consulting

Kuatro Group Management Consulting specializes in the life sciences industry, with over two decades of hands-on management experience.

Our services address immediate operational needs and support long-term strategic planning.

Partnering with Kuatro Group Management Consulting unlocks the full potential of organizations, enhances operational efficiency, and promotes sustainable success in the dynamic pharmaceutical landscape.

Operation & Quality Support

The goal of Kuatro Group’s Operation & Quality Support is to assist organizations in maintaining compliance, enhancing efficiency, and achieving operational excellence.

Experience the tangible impact of Kuatro Group Consulting through our collection of real-world use cases. See how organizations like yours have successfully harnessed the power of AI to overcome complex challenges and achieve remarkable results. Explore our transformative solutions that have revolutionized industries, and find inspiration for your own AI journey.


Case description

Significant downtime and scrap occurred during almost all batches in production. The primary cause was identified as waiting time for delivery of new or missing parts, in addition to parts already delivered according to the BOM (Bill of Materials). This resulted in lost capacity, overtime beyond normal working hours, deviations, and worst-case scrap of batches.


The first step was to identify why new or more parts were being delivered almost every batch than described in the BOM. After interviewing the support team handling the issue, production data from the last 6 months was gathered. Alongside addressing the primary cause, several other issues were identified and a plan for solving them at the root cause was delivered.


A 70% reduction in scrap related to waiting time was achieved, along with a significant increase in OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). This reduction in the need for new or additional parts during planned production saved time in the support areas and eliminated deviations and overtime both in production and the warehouse department.

An AI tool was utilized to review and label data for problem-solving.

Case Description

Locating technical logbooks in a large facility was difficult and time-consuming. This resulted in lengthy reviews and made it challenging to correct simple entry errors, affecting both compliance and productivity.


The paper-based logbooks were replaced with a digital platform, enabling entry and review from phones, tablets, and computers. The platform was integrated with SAP. The next step involved analyzing the annual logbook review using a machine learning algorithm, allowing for instant approval by exception.


The switch to digital logbooks saved approximately 800-1000 FTE hours and improved compliance by simplifying reviews and error correction. Additionally, it provided a ‘real-time’ logbook overview, enabling trending on various equipment data.

Case description

A business needed to increase productivity at aging facilities/equipment rapidly. Establishing new facilities/equipment, which typically takes 2-3 years and involves significant investments, was not feasible.


The process and process steps were mapped out, with a focus on identifying the most critical facilities/equipment to address first (which may include GMP considerations). A workshop was conducted with 6 steps, including the FMECA model and data collection, to create visual maps. This approach fostered high engagement from employees involved and facilitated significant learning about the process and facilities/equipment.


A clear understanding of the current state and potential risks was achieved. An updated maintenance program and spare parts list were developed. Additionally, an overview of the approximate costs (based on available data) required to keep the facilities/equipment operational was obtained. This provided solid data input for the company’s investment portfolio.

Case description

A company needed to minimize shutdown days of their production facilities to increase capacity. The current case involved 326 shutdown days divided among 9 areas in their production facilities within a year.


Workshops were conducted to gain a comprehensive overview of the current status and roles & responsibilities during shutdowns. A playbook was created, including templates, clear timelines, calendars, and standard roles & responsibilities, to ensure a robust and efficient shutdown organization.


A 20% reduction in shutdown days was achieved in the first step. This reduction resulted in fewer deviations, leading to shorter lead times. Additionally, there was much better utilization of resources during the shutdown phase.

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