Welcome to Kuatro Group Consulting, where we offer specialised consultants with hands-on experience from the pharmaceutical industry. 

Our services include operation & quality support, project management, management consulting, digital production and AI consulting.

Ai consulting

Kuatro Group AI Consulting offer a comprehensive range of services to help organizations unlock the full potential of AI and achieve remarkable results.

Kuatro Group AI Consulting combines technical expertise with industry knowledge to deliver transformative AI solutions.Their consultants possess in-depth understanding and hands-on experience in AI, enabling them to navigate complex challenges.

digital production

Kuatro Group Digital Production specializes in IT and OT project management, providing comprehensive solutions to optimize business operations through strategic technology implementation. With certified project managers, scrum masters and product owners experienced in GMP and line management, our consultancy services drive success in:

project management

Kuatro Group Project Management offers consultancy services provided by certified project managers and scrum masters with extensive hands-on experience in large Capex projects.

At Kuatro Group Project Management, our certified project managers and scrum masters possess extensive hands-on experience in GMP.

Management Consulting

Kuatro Group Management Consulting are specialized in for the life sciences industry. They have over two decades of hands-on management experience.

Their services cater to immediate operational needs and long-term strategic planning.

Partnering with Kuatro Group Management Consulting to unlock the full potential of organizations, enhances operational efficiency, and promotes sustainable success in the dynamic pharmaceutical landscape.

Operation & Quality Support

The goal of Kuatro Group’s Operation & Quality Support is to help organizations maintain compliance, enhance efficiency, and achieve operational excellence.

Discover the tangible impact of Kuatro Group Consulting through our collection of real-world use cases. Witness how organizations like yours have successfully leveraged the power of AI to overcome complex challenges and achieve remarkable results. Explore our transformative solutions that have revolutionized industries, and find inspiration for your own AI journey.


Case description

Significant down time and scrap during almost all batches in the production. The causes was identified, and the major cause was waiting time for delivery for new or missing parts beside the parts already delivered according to  BOM (bill of materiel). Leading to lost capacity, overtime outside normal working hours, deviations and worst-case scrap of batches.


First step was to identify WHY they almost at every batches delivered new or more parts than described in the BOM. After an interview with the support team handling the issue production data was gathered for the last 6 months of production. Parallel with solving the major cause several other issues was addressed and a plan for solving them to root cause delivered


70% reduction of scrap related to waiting time was obtained. In addition, a significant higher OEE. Reducing the need for new or more parts under planned production fry up a lot of time in the support areas and eliminated deviations and overtime both in the production but also in the warehouse department

AI tool was used to review and label data for the problem solving

Case description

Difficult and time-consuming to locate technical logbooks on a large footprint facility. 

This led to very time-consuming reviews and made it very difficult to correct simple entry errors. Effecting both compliance and productivity.


Replaced the paper-based logbooks with a digital platform, making it possible to do entry and review from phones, tablets and computers. The platform was integrated with SAP.

Next step: the annual review of the logbooks could be analyzed by a machine learning algorithm and thus approved instant by exception. 


Saving about 800- 1000 FTE hours. Improving the compliance by making it simpler to preform reviews and correcting errors.

Possibility to get a ‘real-time’ logbook overview. Making it possible to trend on various data from the equipment. 

Case description

A business need to increase productivity at aging facilities/equipment fast.

A new facility/equipment will take 2-3 years to get in place including a significant investments – not an option!


Map the process and the process steps – point out the most critical facility/equipment and start there ( can include GMP)

A workshop with 6 steps (including FMECA model, data collections, visual maps)

High engagement from the employees involved and lots of learning around the process and the facilities/equipment.


A clear picture of the curent state and potential risk. An updated maintenance program and sparepart list.

A overview of the approx. cost (given data) it takes to keep the facility/equipment running.

Solid data input for the investment portfolio in the company.

Case description

A company needs to minimize shutdown days of their production facilities to increase capacity .  Current case had 326 shutdown days divided on 9 areas. I their production facilities in a year.


Workshops was performed to get a full overview of current status and roles & responsibilities during shutdown.

A playbook was made with templates, clear timelines, calendar and standard roles & responsibilities to ensure a strong and efficient shutdown organization.


20% reduction of shutdown days (step 1).

Reduction in deviations equalizing shorter leadtime.

Much better utilization of resources in the shutdown phase.

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