Instant Review of documents

Instant Review is an AI tool used to perform instant review of paper records (e.g., batch records, calibration certificates, cleaning logs). The documents are scanned (by a scanner, tablet, or phone), and the tool provides instant feedback based on your specified review rules.

The dashboard provides accumulated historic data for your proactive planning.

Instant Review accelerates and improves your document review process by reducing document lead time and the number of deviations, increasing employee satisfaction.

Significant Deviation Reduction

Eliminate time-consuming review loops with Instant Review. Our tool increases the chances of getting documents approved correctly from the start, reducing the need for repetitive edits and rework.

By catching discrepancies early in the process, we significantly reduce the number of deviations, saving you time, resources, and frustration.

Instant Document Reviews

Experience a rapid turnaround in document reviews with Instant Review. Our AI technology, powered by computer vision, automatically scans your documents to spot errors and discrepancies based on your review rules. Review a batch document in minutes.

Scan document

Scan your documents with a tablet or scanner

Get review result

Get the analysis of your document based on your review rules within minutes

Right first time

Update the document according to the review before sending it for approval

deployment scenarios

MES sidekick

Automatic review of edge cases, such as a reference label, result print-out of older equipment, and transport documentation

Slow starter

Production units that do not embark on the MES journey within the next year will undergo a review of batch documentation, FMS reports, etc.

Everything but batch documentation

Quality documents that need to be reviewed and approved outside the scope of MES

Implementation plan

Streamlined Implementation with Minimal Internal Resource Load

Kuatro’s implementation approach minimizes demands on your internal resources. Our approach includes baselining your current process to gain a deeper understanding of how you work today. Based on this, together we will design the new to-be process with Instant Review to ensure optimal utilization and process optimization.


  • Agree on documents in scope e.g., batch review, calibration certificates
  • Provide examples of all types of documents before first design meeting
  • How do the templates look like?
  • How is the review done?
  • Are cross-checks needed e.g., to LIMS?
  • Implement page setup and review rules in Instant Review
  • Kuatro’s developers configure and test setup in Instant Review
  • Train all employees in using Instant Review
  • Test document review (fit-for-purpose/ UAT)
  • Go-live

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