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Pharmaceutical Consulting and
Artificial Intelligence ​

At Kuatro Group, we’re committed to setting new benchmarks in life science.
Through our AI innovation and specialized consultancy,
we blend advanced technology with deep industry insights.

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We are a life science consultancy that uniquely combines long experience in quality and compliance, project management, with a firm grounding in AI – a combination setting us apart in the industry.

Ai consulting

Transforming businesses through expertise and hands-on experience in AI. We offer integration, project management, pipelines setup, validation, and strategic implementation services.

digital production

Streamlining operations through IT and OT project management and GMP experience. We offer project managers, solution architects and validation experts when it comes to MES implementation.

Project management

Ensuring successful execution from our certified project managers and scrum masters. We offer project managers with extensive hands-on experience in large Capex projects.

management consulting

Drawing on extensive industry experience, we optimize operations, foster collaboration, drive process improvements, and provide tailored leadership programs for sustainable success in the life sciences industry.


Optimize your operations we provide SOP updates, and deviation handling. We facilitate root cause analysis and offer training, ensuring your processes stay compliant and efficient.


As an AI innovation hub specializing in deep learning, computer vision, UX, and 3D prototyping, we harness a youthful mindset that’s unafraid to think outside the box.

Co-creation workshop

Embark on a workshop with your colleagues to explore the potential of AI to automate manual work processes.

AI solutions

With expertise in deep learning, computer vision, and UX, we transform your unique ideas into practical prototypes - propelling your operations to the cutting edge of life science advancements.

Ai inspiration

Driving AI utilization in the Life-Science industry through knowledge sharing, practical insights, and collaborative events like AI one day, GxP validation, and Tech Talks. Join us to accelerate the intelligent transformation and foster innovation in AI.


Under Kuatro Group’s Products division, we leverage AI to engineer transformative solutions, such as AIR for swift document review and Bioptic for precise microscopic analysis, harnessing technological potentials into practical tools for life sciences.

Instant review

Unleash efficiency with Instant Review, our AI solution that digitalizes handwritten documents, auto-detects errors, and anticipates future deviations.


Bioptic, an AI system for vision classification tasks. Screening or identifying microbial species, it's your advanced solution for precise and efficient analysis.

latest news



Cleantech Impact Accelerator

Google Cloud startup reward

Berlingske Talent 100


Our “Detection of Mold Spores using AI” project has been granted 265,913 DKK from Innovation Fund Denmark in 2022, a great breakthrough towards our goal for affordable, AI-enabled mold detection.

We achieved a place in the Cleantech Impact Accelerator, a prestigious program driving growth in cleantech. This opportunity not only provided invaluable support and a chance to expand our network, but also allowed us to showcase our innovations at significant platforms, including the renowned TechBBQ conference

We received the Google Cloud Startup Reward, a prestigious recognition that includes $150,000 annually for two years. In addition to the financial support, the reward granted us access to technical training, business support, and the vibrant Google Cloud Startup Community. This invaluable opportunity has fueled our growth and positioned us for success in the industry

In a noteworthy achievement, our partner at Kuatro Group was distinguished as one of Berlingske Talent 100 in 2022, recognized as an industry specialist for his groundbreaking work in integrating AI within the life science sector.

In a significant endorsement of our innovative spirit, Kuatro Group was selected for the GitHub Startup Program. Recognized for our commitment to building and scaling secure, high-performance software solutions, this honor allowed us to leverage GitHub Enterprise’s advanced capabilities.

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